Jerry in one of his more mellow moodsJerry in one of his more mellow moods

After a long time, we've finally got the website up and running -- although there'll be a lot more "running" coming along in the next few weeks.  I'm going to use this space for a variety of things, among which will be grousing about the current state of affairs politically.  As many of you may have suspected, I did not vote for the guy hanging out in the Oval Office.  And, I'm not wildly crazy about things like the energy bill -- read energy tax-- and some other things that are moving along in Congress.  Actually, the whole idea of thousands and thousands of words in a Bill and rushing the Bill through Congress before almost anyone could read it makes you kind of wonder.  Either the administration and it's lefty allies in Congress are hiding things they don't want read, or they figure the American people will be so ticked off by the time the 2010 off-year elections come around, Obama will be looking at a Republican Congress that's going to stonewall his wierd vision for America.  God willing!  At any event, with any legislation, how can a member of Congress vote on a Bill -- good or bad -- without knowing what's in that Bill?  That's madness!  And, it's dereliction of duty.  Let's get going now to field and support people for the 2010 elections who will realize that change for the sake of change is stupidity.  America's the finest country on the face of the Earth.  We have nothing to apologize for to the rest of the world and our Constitution is the finest political document ever written.  When I was a kid, if you said someone was a "Leftist" that was another way of saying he was a "Communist."  Neither term is or ever has been or ever will be a compliment.

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