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LODESTAR #34 in The Survivalist series is now available!  Once again, things will make a dramatic turn for the entire Rourke family along with a new elite group whose only mission is to protect them and, if need be, die for them.  Michael Rourke has some tough decisions to make and if he is wrong, the entire family will go down in flames.  All the while, Paul must race against the clock to secure a safe haven for family and fellow patriots.





Check out the podcast I did recently with Kim Smith where I discuss the origins of THE SURVIVALIST.  You even get to see Shelby. Go to  I'm episode #69.  Also catch Sean Ellis, the author of CAMP ZERO, a SURVIVALIST spin-off at episode #68.  



November 20, 2015
Deep Star #33 in The Survivalist Series

We are pleased to announce that Deep Star #33 in The Survivalist Series, by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern, and Bob Anderson, has just been released, and is now available in all e-reader formats and in print. For more information or to purchase, visit our Bookstore.


Mount Rushmore’s Hall of Records stands empty and the four Presidents safely unshackled from their icy prison.  But John Rourke is missing and no one has a clue to his whereabouts. Genetically engineered insects spread a deadly plague with a high mortality rate.  A pair of “sadistic sociopaths” is hunting the children of John Rourke and Paul Rubenstein, and one of them is “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.”

Neo-Nazis attack New Germany.  Michael Rourke faces tough decisions which will affect his presidency, and some will change the lives of family members—forever.Read more..

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Remember to "Always Plan Ahead!"
-Sharon Ahern/Bob Anderson





NOW AVAILABLE! The A. G. Russell™ Survivalist® Sting

We are pleased to announce that the The A. G. Russell™ Survivalist® Sting, is now available for purchasing at LANCER's website

We are honored to collaborate with A.G. Russell Knives to offer the first ever, limited edition of The Survivalist Sting. This knife is a tribute to Jerry Ahern and his hero of The Survivalist series, John Thomas Rourke (JTR).

Writer Phil Elmore says in his review of The Survivalist Sting, “As a fan of The Survivalist, it would be difficult for me not to like this knife. Nonetheless, I appreciate it, not just for its legacy and its licensing, but on its merits. This is a classy looking, concealable, useful little blade that is almost a “gent’s dagger” before it is anything else. Both fans of the Aherns’ work, as well as fans of small double-edged knives, would be well served to purchase A.G. Russell’s latest example of this well-traveled design.”

Visit for more information or to purchase this limited edition knife by A.G. Russell.

The A. G. Russell™ Survivalist® Sting is being introduced in THE SURVIVALIST #33, Deep Star, expected to be available September 2015.