If you are or were into the adventures of “John Rourke” and his family as told in our series THE SURVIVALIST, then you might want to visit and read an interview I did in which I reveal a number of details most people don’t know about John Rourke.  For example, I talk quite candidly about why a script could not be written that would enable one of Hollywood’s most revered producers to exercise his option and make “THE SURVIVALIST – THE MOTION PICTURE,” or whatever it would have been called.  There’s also a contest to win a copy ofTOTAL WAR, the first book in the series, autographed by Sharon and me.  We’ll try to write neatly.  You’ll find lots of good information on the site, as well…

If you are into Facebook, and you like THE SURVIVALIST, you’ll find that there is now a Facebook Group page devoted to the series.  Thanks to James Baird for this, and introducing me to Facebook, which our daughter and our son kindly explained to me and I still don’t fully understand.  If you are a member or whatever you call it, go into Facebook and then into “Groups” and there are pictures, U.K. book covers, photographs, etc.  Sharon and I hope you check it out…    

If you are interested in the latest facts and opinions on law enforcement/military equipment, you may want to check out still another website, the web version of the popular slick magazine TACTICAL GEAR.  The website is and I’m sure sometimes you’ll be seeing something with my byline there, since I write quite frequently for the print version.  It’s a “sister” publication to GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE…

If you like westerns that are really westerns, two of TV’s best are once again airing regularly.  And, you can see them – or record them – if you’ve got a package that includes the Encore channels.  Encore’s western channel runs lots of great films and series – they are running “Gunsmoke,” for example.  But, two of Sharon’s and my favorites from the late 1950s and early 1960s were/are “Cheyenne” and “Have Gun – Will Travel.”  I’ve had the pleasure of talking extensively by telephone with “Cheyenne’s” Clint Walker and, as soon as Sharon and I get the tape transcribed, pieces of an interview I did with Clint Walker will be appearing in some of my columns and probably here, as well.  Clint Walker in real life is just as much the kind of guy you can like and respect as “Cheyenne Bodie” was/is on screen.  I never got to talk with the late Richard Boone, but his iconic black clad gunfighter, “Paladin,” should certainly be award posthumously the title for projecting the most believable menace of any good guy character ever created.  Both westerns hold up perfectly and are not something you’ll wish you hadn’t watched again.  They are as fresh and well done as anything made today, and quite a bit better than most of today’s fare.  Get your kids to watch these early “adult westerns” and help them to develop an appreciation for the values of the old west, not to mention meticulously written scripts, terrific direction and peerless acting…

Sharon and I are busily trying to get one book finished, as far as writing is concerned, and two books photographed.

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