"The winter of our discontent."

Not my line, but a great one.  And, it aptly describes a future we should be preparing for.  Of course, like anything, it will be worse if Obama is still in office; but, either way, it's likely going to be very bad.  I'm talking about what the "Arab Spring" is turning into.  Let's look at Egypt.  The majority in the legislature is Islamist, talking about putting the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement up to a popular vote.  As I write this, Americans who were supposedly pitching democray "illegally" have just been released on "bail."  If any of these Americans go back to stand trial, should a trial be scheduled, they should see if the Guinness Book has any category for incomprehensible stupidity.  

As Americans, we make the mistake of assuming that, when there is a popular uprising in a Muslim country, it will lead to some sort of democracy.  These days, that's not going to happen.  Organized groups within the countries in question already have the ability to make their message heard and have the appeal that Radical Fundamentalist Islam somehow seems to engender.  The Islamists don't have to "hit the ground running," because they're already on the ground showing themselves to be the rallying point for the revolution.  

One of these days, unless some new war pops up, a war with game-changing ramifications, the people of the United States and Great Britain are going to wake up to a Middle East that, with few exceptions, is Radical Muslim and out for our blood.  In talking about the future of our relationship with Jihadists, I've very sadly pointed out that my grandchildren's grandchildren will be fighting this same war -- unless, God forbid -- we are too ignorant to realize the nature of the situation and we are dead or reduced to fighting guerilla actions against those who would enslave or kill us.  Am I saying all Moslims are our enemies?  Of course not!  It would be nice, however, if the good Moslims would more aggressively stand against the blood-thirsty killers who hide behind Islam as an excuse for war, brutality, enslavement of women and the barbarism of stonings, hangings and lopping off limbs.  But, whether or not that occurs, I see the escalation of the conflict as all but inevitable.  I wish that weren't the case.  Have a nice day!  JERRY    


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You are missed, Mr. Ahern.

August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph

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