When we started THE SURVIVALIST series in 1981, we never imagined the stories and places the characters would take us but we were sure from the very beginning that family was and still is the glue that binds this made-up universe together and keeps everything within a certain semblance of reality.  

After The Night of the War, John Thomas Rourke never swayed from his task of finding his family, not knowing if they were alive or had perished.  He became the surrogate leader of another branch of the Rourke Clan, taking under his wing Paul Rubenstein and Russian agent, Natalia Tiemerovna.  They in turn were ready to do whatever necessary to help Rourke in his quest.  Sarah, Rourke’s wife, fought to keep herself and their children safe, knowing without a doubt that he would come looking for them.  

The family dynamics would occasionally change and it certainly grew over the course of years but the basic idea of strength in family always has and always will be a major part of their story.  No matter, good times or bad, family is strength.  The characters may not always agree or share the same page but they are always there when it counts. This holds true in reality as well. 

Those of us blessed with spouses, siblings and children and beyond know that family gatherings can be wonderful or perhaps challenging at times.  When we get together, (adults, five grandkids, four dogs, etc.), we somehow all end up in the kitchen where we trip over each other and try to avoid stepping on a fur buddy.  We argue politics and give explanations on why the sky is blue or ponder when the neighbor next door is going to cut their lawn. We even save enough dinner rolls to have a contest as to who can throw one the farthest off the back deck for the birds to finish off.  Jason’s wife, Getzy, won our last contest! 

Some families are impossibly large while some are small.  Your family may consist of very few relatives or maybe just friends.  Your closest and most beloved family member may be of the four footed variety who gives you their undivided attention and love.  Regardless of your definition of family, remember that they are part of who you are.  I guess that would include your crazy uncle who tells the same stories at every get together and drinks all the good stuff from the liquor cabinet.


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