After living in Georgia for many years, I’ve got to admit that this had been one heck of a long, hot, humid Summer.  Halfway through the Winter, I remember wistfully looking forward to the warmer temperatures and sunshine that were sure to come, ready to welcome sweet Springtime with open arms and a song in my heart. Instead what we got was a cold Winter, a very short Spring and then around seventy days in a row of above ninety degree temperatures.  Remember to be careful what you wish for!

                I guess the same can be said about politics.  A lot of people here in the States are not happy with our national government.  Career politicians run Washington however they see fit, regardless of the wishes of the voters back home who elected them to serve as their representatives.  Agencies that were set up to help those in need have become nothing more than bureaucratic cesspools of inefficiency and wastrels of taxpayer dollars.  Those who serve to protect us are stymied by lack of adequate funding and the means to put money where it’s needed instead of where it’s politically favorable.  Some special interest groups have wormed their way ahead of the line, demanding particular treatment for some and denouncing the rights of others, tearing our nation apart into various factions. Respect for our government is dropping at a fast rate both here and abroad.  Maybe all we need to do is bring about a change in leadership and all things will get better.  Yeah, that’s it!

                Remember when we started weeding though the candidates to determine who would best represent us?  Weren’t we looking for someone who would change the way our government did business, change priorities, change  the way it protected our civil liberties as citizens, make things the way they should be?  We wanted a leader who would embrace the Constitution and acknowledge the rights given to us through it. We wanted a leader who would stand up for our country, the United States of America, defend it and not let our flag bow down to any country on this earth.  Do you remember the results of that search? Do you remember when it occurred? That date was November 4, 2008.

                Once again we are looking forward to a change.  Be careful what you wish for.

             “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

                                                                Thomas Jefferson



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