Bad as usual about putting up a new blog, I figured it was time to give everyone an update on projects coming out and some that are still in the works.  As with most writing projects, if it’s out it’s out and if it’s in the works, we’ll lie about the arrival date until it’s out.

Survivalist #35 is in the works.  Michael has some major decisions to make that will affect his family, his country and possibly the entire world.  Whatever his decisions, Michael has his elite rag-tag posse to watch his six.  Paul has become the Alpha in the Rourke family, responsible for all their safety.  When, or if John Thomas Rourke returns, will leadership get in the way of centuries old friendship?  Let’s not forget the aliens! Are they good? Bad? Or both?

America Undead by Phil Elmore is based on a story Jerry and I did quite a while ago.  Blood and guts, politics and romance, combined with sword wielding vampires attempting to take over the United States and replace the Constitution with Sharia Law.  Just when we thought we had enough blood suckers in Washington!    Go to the What’s New page to read more about it.  Available on Amazon.

Survive! Live Well and Wisely is a quarterly anthology aimed to help you live better, spend less and to give you some advice on day to day projects.  Volume One covers everything from building a forge, wayfinding, skill bartering and choosing a defensive knife to correct storage of frozen food, working out,  and shopping outside the big box stores. There is a section especially for readers who want to contribute their hacks for living well and we encourage suggestions for future articles. Written by those who have been there and done it. Check out the cover on the What’s New page.  Available on Kindle.

Survive! Live Well and Wisely Volume Two is in the works and covers winter survival, growing food the second time around, computer security, etc.  Look for it around the beginning of the year.

Survive! The Disaster, Crisis and Emergency Handbook by Jerry Ahern covers what to do when the SHTF.  He covers what to do during and after all major disasters and most importantly, what can be done to plan ahead to keep you and your family safe.  The book covers disaster planning, food and water safety as well as how best to protect you and your family from those who may wish you harm.  Available from Amazon.

The Rourke Chronicles Vol 2: Demons & Monsters should be coming out shortly.  This volume details with the adventures of the Rourke clan through the eyes of Paul Rubenstein. That is, until he closes his eyes to sleep the long deep sleep inside the Retreat, not knowing for sure what will await them in the future, assuming there is a future.

Camp Zero Book 2: Ice Fall by Sean Ellis brings the kids back to the Rourke Survival Academy. Instead of the rather benign weather encountered at Camp Zero, this time the Rourkes and their fellow students learn to survive frigid conditions at Camp Sub Zero, located in Greenland, which has become more harsh and desolated than ever before in history.  Their food supplies are trashed and communications sabotaged. Mutant creatures reside in the tunnels of an abandoned missile base where they discover what may be the Aryan Grail.  The weather goes from bad to worse and they need to find a way to evacuate, but now they are being stalked by other creatures, armed with assault rifles.  Still in the works.

Also, check out The Library at the End of the World podcasts, hosted by survival/prepper expert, Jim Cobb. He discusses everything from books to survival tips and all things that make him happy – the end of the world, disaster movies and post-apocalyptic scenarios, etc.  Jim spends part of his podcasts interviewing authors who have written books influencing this genre.  A new podcast is available every Friday at  Fun and informative!

Hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving next week have a safe holiday.  While enjoying food and family, please stop to appreciate those who will be spending the day at hospitals, fire and police stations and various emergency facilities.  Also remember those who might be feeding and giving support to those families in the community who depend on others for a warm meal and a helping hand. 

Thank you all for your support and continued interest in Ahern books.  Sharon


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